Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

Casual teacher Grant Elmsly tries to report bullying at Bribie Island State School.

Queensland primary school casual teacher Grant Elmsly, 56, says that the Queensland Education system works in favour of children who are bullies.

Mr Elmsly alleges that Queensland teachers are not supported by the system when they try to deal with problem behaviour such as bullying.

He alleges that on 21 August 2017 he was teaching a Year 6 class at  Bribie Island State School when he noticed four boys verbally abusing another male student.

One of the abusive boys "stabbed (the victim) with a pencil". 

"He just walked up to him and stabbed him really hard in the lower back," Mr Elmsly said.

"The kid screamed and collapsed on the ground and the other kid carried on walking as if he didn't do it.

"Four of his mates said 'get up you little s**t and started kicking him on the ground while also blocking me'."

Mr Elmsly said he couldn't get to the injured boy without "barging through" the alleged attackers, so instead he called the school office to avoid "getting in touble" for touching the students. 

The alleged attacker was eventually taken to the office for a couple of hours before being returned to class.

The victim "sat at his desk and cried".

"He didn't come to school the next day," Mr Elmsly said.

Mr Elmsly was unable to file a report on the incident because, as a casual, he didn't have a login for the school's OnePortal system, the department's intranet for school staff.

Mr Elmsly alleged that he had asked various staff members to report the incident on his behalf but that none of them would do it.

"They all seemed to support the bullies in saying the kid who was stabbed deserved it," he said.

"I couldn't believe it was normal to them."

Mr Elmsly says he reported the bullying incident he had allegedly witnessed to Queensland Police and the Department of Education's ethical standards unit because he was so concerned about the student's welfare.

But he says that he was subsequently suspended.

"I tried to do a mandatory report as required under Queensland statute, as a good teacher and a man ... and got whacked," Mr Elmsly said.

He claims his suspension - which is current pending the outcome of an internal investigation - is an example  of the Queensland Department of Education punishing teachers who follow the official policies and try to step in and protect children who are the victims of bullying.


"It's common for Queensland principals to tell their staff not to write mandatory reports on OnePortal as it's available on request to parents and the regional Education Queensland office will think they are wonderful principals," Mr Elmsly alleged.


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What is 'whistleblowing'?

Whistleblowing is what you do when you notice something going on that is wrong and you tell somebody in authority about the problem.

You expect that they will take action to deal with the problem.

But often they turn on you and attack you - because it is easier to attack you than to deal with the real problem.