Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

What did YOU do?

During the ten years since November 2000, I have disclosed / blown the whistle to hundreds of Queensland public servants, Queensland government departments and Queensland Members of Parliament concerning -


  • the advice of the Queensland Teachers Union that, when a Queensland classroom teacher was bullied, there was no hope of justice because the Department of Education Grievance process did not work and that teachers who 'fought it' were driven to mental and physical breakdown.


And I have tried to identify the reasons why the Department of Education Grievance process fails.


In my own case, the Grievance process seems to have failed because of -

  • the extensive falsification of my Department of Education official records. I presume that my official records were falsified to conceal the bullying, mobbing, victimisation, "payback", discrimination and conflict of interest.
  • the 'investigation reports' - presumably based on these falsified records - that were concealed from me at the time and all copies of which were 'lost' when I made Freedom of Information applications.
  • the decisions concerning me that were based on these falsified records and 'lost' investigation reports.
  • the systemic incompetence / corruption.


I would suggest that, in addition to these factors, the Department of Education Grievance process fails because -


  • 'change' of the failing Department of Education Grievance processes is controlled by those same senior officers who seem to have 'set up' the processes to fail. These officers do not seem to want to know the truth. They do not seem to have any desire for the Grievance process to work effectively.


  • 'change' in any official process cannot be effective if it is based on the findings of faux 'investigations' - which are based on falsified 'official records'. The official process will continue to fail. And Queensland classroom teachers will continue to be driven into ill health and out of work. That, in fact, seems to be the true process.


  • principals won't stop bullying classroom teachers if they 'can't remember' what they have done. When Department of Education investigations are delayed for six and a half years, principals can claim to 'forget' what they have done. So, presumably, they can feel no remorse and they can feel no need to change their behaviour. When an investigation is delayed, systemic incompetence and corruption are facilitated.


  • no normal person could possibly imagine the extent of the systemic incompetence / corruption. So your first complaint to the Crime and Misconduct Commission ( CMC ) is limited. And when you do begin to realise the full extent of the incompetence / corruption, CMC officers do not read your further disclosures. The CMC practices seem to prevent them from 'knowing' about the systemic incompetence / corruption.


  • 'natural justice', as it is practiced in the Queensland public service, seems to mean the passive acceptance and recording of obvious lies. The 'investigation' is then declared 'closed' and the protests of the complainant are disregarded. This corrupted version of a 'natural justice process' seems to permeate the whole of the Queensland public service. It seems to facilitate the systemic dysfunction.


I am preparing a record of the actions taken by each public servant, public service department and organisation in response to my disclosures.


I believe that it is in the public interest for Queenslanders to understand how good Queensland classroom teachers are being driven into ill health and out of work.


And I believe it is in the public interest for these individual public servants, public service departments and related organisations to reflect upon their response to my discosure -


Was this the very best that you could do?
Are you prepared to be accountable for your behaviour?
Or did you engage in wrongdoing? Did you actively or passively -
  • engage in improper or unprofessional behaviour?
  • engage in defective administration?
  • engage in misconduct for material gain?
  • facilitate misconduct?
  • destroy or conceal the evidence of misconduct?
  • facilitate the waste or mismanagement of resources?
  • have a conflict of interest?
  • pervert accountability?
  • pervert justice?


  • Definition of wrongdoing adapted from : p. xxi, Summary, Whistleblowing in the Australian Public Sector, AJ Brown (Editor), University Printing Services ANU : 2008


The Editor of Bad Apple Bullies believes that "accept the things you cannot change", "go with the flow", "don't rock the boat", etc. are inappropriate values for the Queensland public service.


If a Queensland teacher can be destroyed for trying to do his/her job effectively - we need a better government.


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