Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

595 WA teachers were physically attacked by their students during 2017.

There were 595 physical attacks by WA students against teachers during 2017.

The number of WA student attacks against teachers has tripled since 2014. 

The State School Teachers Union (SSTUWA) says its members are seeing more extreme violence by increasingly younger students.

The union is using EBA negotiations, which resume this week, to demand the introduction of mandatory reporting of violent incidents against school staff.

Currently only student attacks on students must be reported.

SSTUWA president Pat Byrne says that a register of assaults on WA teachers  would allow the WA Education Department to track the location, frequency and nature of attacks.

Ms Byrne says that some WA teachers and principals feel helpless in the face of increasingly aggressive students and parents.

"Accounts of all kinds of violence have increased steadily over time but the number and nature os assaults perpetrated by young children has really surged recently.

"The sort of problems you would once start seeing in Year 7 in some instances are occurring as early as preschool."


SSTUWA is threatening to launch industrial action at the start of the 2018 school year.


WA teachers threaten strike over classroom violence, Josh Zimmerman, PerthNow, 7 January 2018

WA students who see violence in their homes come to school and attack their teachers.

Alleged physical assaults by students against WA teachers -

165 in 2014

444 in 2015

558 in 2016


(Why are these figures different from the ones in the article below?)


The incidents were "broadly categorised as assaults" and included -

 * serious incidents that required police involvement,

 * minor incidents such as throwing objects,

 * 'accidentally' knocking into teachers,

 * and teachers being struck while trying to stop fights between students.  


This escalation of violence against West Australian teachers is caused by an increase in drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness in WA homes, according to opposition education spokeswoman Sue Ellery.

"For some children, violence is all they see (at home), so more and more schools are bearing the brunt of that," Ms Ellery said.



Student assaults against WA teachers on rise, Regina Titelius, PerthNow, 8 January 2017

There were 1,606 assaults on West Australian school staff during 2015.

The West Australian Primary Principal's Association president, Stephen Breen, says there were about 1,606 assaults on West Australian school staff during 2015.

Which suggests that there were eight assaults on WA school staff every day.

A lot of these assaults involved children attacking staff.

Other attacks were by members of the community.


Mr Breen believes that assaults on school staff are under-reported.

He wants his members to be added to the list of public officers under section 297 and 318 of the WA Criminal Code , which mandates jail terms for assault.


Editor : But why just his members?

What about the classroom teachers?


Call for mandatory jail for assaulting school principals, ABC News, 15 June 2016

Chairs seem to be the most popular weapons in West Australian schools.

The West Australian Education Department recorded 63 violent incidents involving students using weapons to cause threat or harm in the first four weeks of the 2016 school year.

This equates to three each day.

Four of these incidents involved knives, seven involved scissors and 12 involved chair throwing.


Student, 12, assaults teacher with metal pipe during school rampage, Bethany Hiatt and Tayissa Barone, The West Australian, Yahoo 7 News, 3 May 2016.

Terror for West Australian teachers in 2016 : Sharyn O'Neill is setting up a 'Crack Team' to attack WA classroom teachers.

West Australian director-general of education Sharyn O'Neill has called on principals to apply to join a Crack Team to help identify and remove poor teachers.

There will be four members of this WA Crack Team, two principals and two 'labour relations specialists' - whatever that might mean.

The WA Crack Team will begin operating in February 2016 and will be based in central office but will spend most of its time in schools.

Sharyn O'Neill said that so far during 2015, 15 staff members who were subject to a substandard performance review had left WA public schools, presumably to be replaced by cheaper, less experienced and more easily manipulated teachers.

"The team will help principals to identify these teachers and provide them with the appropriate opportunities to learn, develop and improve."

"But it will also help to ensure that when these teachers cannot improve, or are simply not prepared to put in the effort required, principals have a smoother process for removing them from their school." (And, presumably, replacing them with cheaper, less experienced. more easily manipulated teachers.)

Ms O'Neill said that a poor teacher was one who -

 - struggled to manage student's behaviour

 - failed to set tests

 - failed to set homework

 - did not provide class routine

 - or was unable to deal with queries from parents.



Editors' Note : So, WA teachers - just one angry, irrational, out-of-control parent and you will lose your job!

And don't dare to send any poorly behaved student to the principal!

Life is going to get so much easier for WA principals in 2016 - no WA teacher will dare to ask their principal to help deal with any problem. 

Is this WA Crack Team really just an economy measure - a way to drive experienced teachers out of schools and replace them with cheaper, less experienced, more easily manipulated teachers - teachers who can be sent out to work in the remote schools?

Will teachers who make suggestions, try to deal with problems or ask questions at staff meetings be driven out of work?

We need some research into the sort of teachers who are attacked by this WA Crack Team.

2016 is going to be a fun year for teachers in WA schools!


Squad targets inept teachers, Bethany Hiatt, The West Australian, 25 November 2015

555 West Australia teachers have been assaulted at school during 2013 - and it is only October.

There were 464 physical assaults against staff in West Australian public schools during 2011.
There were 527 physical assaults against staff during 2012.

The number of physical assaults against staff in West Australian public schools had already reached 555 to October 2013.

State School Teachers Union president Anne Gisborne said schools were increasingly dealing with violence from young students.


Student, 7, hits relief teacher in assault at Perth school, Yasmine Phillips, education reporter, The Sunday Times, 9 November 2013

Only 430 out of 1156 West Australian newly-qualified graduate teachers had got jobs by February 2013.

Less than half the newly-qualified teachers who applied for places in West Australian public schools in 2013 have been offered jobs.

The WA Education Department said that as of 2 February 2013 - the first day of the school year - 430 graduates were appointed out of 1156 who applied.

Just two teaching jobs had not been filled - a vacancy for a maths teacher in the country and for a part-time science teacher in the city.


"Not everyone gets placed at the beginning of the year," said Education Minister Liz Constable, "But I think all graduates can be confident that they have a good chance of a position in a public school during the year.

"It is a moving and continuing process across the year as people retire and resign."


A department spokeswoman said there were about 780 new graduates without jobs at the same time in 2012.

But by the end of 2012, 1028 graduates out of the 1266 who applied had positions in public schools.


Half of new teachers miss out on jobs, Bethany Hiatt, The West Australian : 3 February 2011

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