Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

Nelson Park, Geelong, Victoria : teachers allegedly given poor work performance reviews because they haven't agreed with punishment techniques being used at the school. AEU report a 'substantial' number of complaints from teachers.

16 September 2011 : The Victorian Education Department is currently investigating allegations that staff at Nelson Park school use excessive force on students, and that children were made to take part in boot-camp style punishments.
Four teachers from Nelson Park school have contacted the Geelong Advertiser and have confirmed the use of alleged punishment techniques at the school.
Some of the teachers, who preferred not to be named, said they felt they had no choice but to comply with the school's systems, despite feeling that many of the punishment techniques went too far.
"There were a number of staff over the last few years who have had poor work performance reviews because they haven't followed instructions, they have been put on official processes because they haven't agreed with what is going on."


A spokesperson for the Australian Education Union, Carolyn Clancy, said that the AEU had received a "substantial" number of complaints from Nelson Park teachers.

But many teachers were too scared to formally complain to the Victorian Education Department.


Nelson Park teachers raise their concerns, Andrea Hamblin, The Geelong Advertiser, 16 September 2011 :

Nelson Park school, Geelong, Victoria : what progress have the Victorian Department of Education made in their investigation into allegations of disturbing punishments?

12 October 2011 :  In September 2011, staff at Nelson Park school in Victoria were allegedly warned to remain silent allegations of disturbing punishments of intellectually disabled students at the school.

The allegations have now been in the public arena for more than a month, yet the Victorian Department of Education appears disinterested and unwilling to tackle the issue.

The Department says it has launched an investigation into claims.

But, to this date, parents and teachers alike told the Geelong Advertiser that no-one from the education department had approached them.

The department has provided the Geelong Advertiser with no details of the investigation.

Parents and teachers are frustrated by the lack of communication.

Teachers say the school seems to be hoping the issue will be fudged, stalled, dodged - and then forgotten.


Nelson Park questions still persist, Editorial, Geelong Advertiser, 12 October 2011 :

Nelson Park school, Victoria : is the Victorian Education Department investigating or not? Have they interviewed the teachers?

14 October 2011 : Nelson Park teachers say their concerns continue to be ignored despite a pledge by the Victorian Department of Education to investigate allegations that children have been abused at the school.

The principal of Nelson Park school is  the only person to have so far been interviewed by the department.

The teachers said they felt the system was failing them.

A current teacher said the school had ceased the punishment techniques used on special needs children since the Geelong Advertiser revealed allegations of abuse last month, but that those techniques were likely to be brought back if the Government failed to intervene.

"I've seen teachers grab kids by shoulders, and drag them along the ground on the asphalt," a teacher said.

"I've seen aids grab a child, a little kid who would have been about six, and throw them on the floor in my class.

"The kids are treated like dogs but it just seems to be accepted."


The Victorian Department of Education has been unable to provide comment on the details of the investigation.

A Departmental spokesperson said the Geelong office had "been actively communicating with parents and is committed to hearing all parent concerns".

The department did not say whether or not teachers would be contacted as part of the investigation.