Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

The Bogan Mother.

In 2000 I was employed as a specialist Indonesian teacher.

I had arranged an excursion for three Grade 7 classes.

The bus company made a mistake and sent a bus that was too small.

I had to drive three Grade 7 boys to town in my car.

Mrs Bogan's son sat in the front seat next to me talked the whole way to town.

He told me that he had been kept down a year.

His dad was in the navy.

So his mother was on her own.

He told me what his dad thought about him being kept down.

He did not stop talking.

On the drive back to school that afternoon, he told me that the other two boys had been teasing him about the way that he had talked to me non-stop.

And he talked non-stop all the way back to the school.

I took a quiet interest in this boy from then on - I gave him a part in an Indonesian play that I was producing.

I thought that a boy like him would have few good memories of school, and I thought that the play would be a happy memory for him.

He was not a brilliant student, but the part suited him really well and he did a good job.

We performed the play for the public in City Place.

After watching the play, Mrs Bogan confronted me very aggressively.

You would think that Mrs Bogan would be grateful that I had given her son a part in the play.

But no.

Some months later she confronted me again.

This time Mrs Bogan was angry because she thought that I had put her son on detention.

It had not happened.

But Mrs Bogan continued to rage at me.

She refused to listen.

She became very abusive.

She raged at me and abused me for about twenty minutes.

I now realise that this was verbal assault.

I thought at the time that Mrs GR, the acting principal, was unable to handle the situation effectively because she was so inexperienced.


I wondered if Mrs Bogan's son had been talking about me non-stop at home and if Mrs Bogan had become jealous.


To the best of my knowledge, Mrs Bogan was the only parent in Queensland who ever complained about me.

But Mrs Bogan's complaints concerning me seem to have been the end of my career.

In 2006 the Verifact investigator told me that he would not be allowed to interview any of the Lynch-Mob State College teachers who supported me and who had met Mrs GR and told her that she was making a mistake.

But he was going to interview Mrs Bogan.


When you take an interest in a child who has problems, it is risky.

A problem child may have problem parents.

And they may turn on you and attack you.

But if you don't take an interest in the child you feel that you are not doing the "right thing" by the child.