I was absolutely shocked at the intellectual/academic level of my fellow students.
We were required to sit a year 6 level maths test and achieve a mark of 80% or better.
Over 60% of our year group failed.
That's right people . . . more than 60% of future primary teachers could not pass a year 6 maths test.
This was just one example from that first year.
By the end of the year, I was so disappointed with the academic level of the course and the level of intelligence of my fellow students that I did not even want to be associated with them or the industry.
I transferred to an economics degree and now work an insurance company.
I was lost to the education system because the standard of course was rubbish and so were my fellow classmates.
Many of you may call me arrogant, but I'm just calling it the way I have seen it.
If the entry level was set higher, you would attract a better level of candidate and would subsequently produce better teachers.
Plus, just to enrage people a little more - if you don't achieve an ATAR score of above 70, you don't deserve to go to university straight out of school.
Get some life experience and come back as a mature age student.
University degrees have been cheapened by tertiary institutions pumping out qualifications to anyone who pays the money.
Teacher no more of Sydney, Reader's Comment,  'Toxic teacher' warning as debate rages on lifting uni entry marks, Catherine Armitage, Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 2012