Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

Terry Polglase of The Australian Education Union : teachers suffer their whole life after being accused of 'assault'.

Three Tasmanian teachers, from three different schools, were each accused of assault during October 2012.

The Australian Education Union said most teachers accused of assault were cleared.

But many of them suffered their whole life after the allegations, AEU Tasmanian president Terry Polglase said.

"It's really tragic. Teachers know not to lay a hand on kids but we are required to ensure everybody in that classroom is protected and that means we have to make the best judgments," he said.

"These things are impromptu and you can't be trained for it.

"It's not like you can put your head out the classroom door and call for help."

Mr Polglase said there were at least seven or eight cases a year in which Tasmanian teachers were accused.

He begged the community to realise the pressure teachers worked under each day.

"Teachers in the main are not equipped to deal with confrontation with students who are hellbent on being defiant, physically aggressive and most often without warning," he said.


Mr Polglase said there were legal defences such as self-defence, but these legal defences only protected a teacher from criminal charges, not from being dismissed by the Department of Education for breaching the "unrealistic" touching policy.


School battle over assault, Michelle Paine, The Mercury, 19 October 2012 :

Tasmanian teacher : Trying to manage on relief teaching and then no pay during term and summer holidays is impossible.

One big issue in trying to make teaching a career, is the inability, at least in Tasmania, to get secure permanent employment.

Trying to manage doing relief teaching only and then of course no pay during term and summer holidays is impossible.

Of 300 graduates in 2001, only 30 got permanent employment!

No wonder no one stays long with teaching.


Tas, Reader's Comment : A little respect: attracting top teachers is not rocket science, Jane Caro, The Drum, Opinion, ABC, 4 October 2012 :

Tasmanian teachers : many are being physically, verbally and sexually assaulted by their students.

About 1213 individual Tasmanian students committed more than 2000 physical, verbal or sexual assaults on their teachers in the past 14 months

But the true figure may be much higher, Education Minister Lin Thorp said yesterday, because the department only records incidents which result in the suspension of a student.

61 teachers recorded the assaults as workplace injuries.

23 teachers required first aid.

Eight teachers required medical attention or the treatment of a doctor for an injury.


Australian Education Union state president Leanne Wright was not surprised by the number of assaults.


Teachers hit by assaults, Danielle McKay, The Mercury, 14 April 2011  :

How many Tasmanian teachers are being assaulted by parents?

How about the number of assaults on Tasmanian teachers by parents?

I know my wife was assaulted by a parent (and their child too for that matter).


Posted by Anonymous reader, Reader's Comments, Teachers hit by assaults, Danielle McKay, ,14 April 2011 :

How many Tasmanian teachers are currently on Workers Compensation for work-related injuries?

Why doesn't the Education Department tell the truth and reveal the true figures?

Over 250 Tasmanian Education Department employees are currently on workers compensation for work related injuries ..... and they didn't get those injuries from slipping on a wet floor.


Dave Lathouras Tas Ed of Brighton, Reader's Comments, Teachers hit by assaults, Danielle McKay, ,14 April 2011 :


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