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Fewer Queenslanders want to study education in 2018.

New enrolments in education courses at the Queensland University of Technology, Queensland's biggest teacher training institute,  have slumped 19 per cent in 2018.

New enrolments in education courses at the University of Queensland slumped 44 per cent. 

New enrolments in education courses at James Cook University have slumped 22 per cent. 

QUT's executive Dean of Education, Carol Nicoll, blamed a new requirement for specialist teachers to study for five years instead of four.

Starting this year, wanna-be teachers, who have completed a three-year degree such as science, maths or arts, must now enrol in an additional two-year Masters of Education, instead of a one-year teacher training course. 

Professor Nicoll said postgraduate applications for teaching courses had fallen 35 per cent in 2018 as a result. 


At Griffith University, which fast-tracks students through a degree in three and a half years, enrolments rose 14 per cent this year.


The collapse in interest in a teaching career coincides with 'tough' new tests that have been introduced for wanna-be Queensland teachers. 

In Queensland, applicants for teaching degrees must write a 1000-word essay explaining why they want to be a teacher.

And wanna-be Queensland teachers will have to pass English, maths and science subjects if they want to enrol in a teaching degree from 2019.


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