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Interested in teaching in China?

The Bad Apple Bullies website editor has been contacted (in July 2018) by a lady from South Australia who is very keen to contact teachers, especially older teachers and teachers from South Australia, who may be interested in teaching in China.

Marlene Essery tells me she is 71 years old and that she herself had very little education, dropping out of school when she was 14.

Nevertheless, she found herself in China between 2003 - 2006, teaching conversational English.

Since then she has often returned to China and is very keen to help teachers who would be interested in teaching at her original school.

The pay being offered is about $500 per week and Marlene tells me that this goes a long way in China.

Holidays are paid.

July and August are free for travelling. 

Your apartment, food and electricity are free.

You will need to pay your own airfare - but it may be reimbursed after six months.

You can be a teacher of any subject, not just English.

You teach for 12 hours a week (3 x 40 min lessons per day, Monday to Friday) 

The children really WANT to learn to speak English - teaching them is a joy.

Teachers, particularly older teachers, are treated with much esteem and very much respect in China. 

Marlene says it is a life-changing experience. 

You can contact Marlene on 0408 921 611 


The editor of Bad Apple Bullies has no financial or personal connection with this person, or any other person of organisation concerned here and urges teachers to make all proper inquiries before making a decision. 

The UAE are looking for hundreds of teachers.

It seems crazy that there is still such a long waiting list for teachers in Australia.

I gave up a year ago and went to live and work in the UAE.

They're looking for hundreds of teachers through their ADEC Licensed Teacher program.

It's all about developing a English speaking curriculum.

And the best bit is that whatever you earn is tax free!


Posted by: Sophie Jackson of Abu Dhabi 02:50pm Thursday 10th March
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