Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple Bully school principals and departmental officers can bully Australian teachers into ill health - and out of work!

The Education Queensland Ethical Standards Unit.

The Education Queensland Ethical Standards unit is based at Education House in Brisbane.

The Ethical Standards Unit has 26 staff, 14 of whom are investigators.


What does the Queensland Department of Education Ethical Standards Unit actually do? 

In September 2009, Ethical Standards Unit director Andre Legosz said managing complaints of staff misconduct included -

  • conducting investigations,
  • report writing,
  • identification of systemic issues
  • and making recommendations on remedial actions.

"We deal with a large number of complaints each year.

We refer the most serious allegations to the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the Queensland Police Service," Mr Legosz said.


The unit is responsible for managing the department's Ethics Awareness Strategy which focuses on ethical leadership and includes prevention, education and training.


What sort of qualifications and experience do the department's Ethical Standards Unit investigators have?

Education Queensland Ethical Standards Unit senior investigators Kelly-Jane Doyle and Mark Beckett are former police investigators.

Ms Doyle works on some of the more serious or complex allegations of misconduct such as sexual misconduct, fraud, misuse of resources and conflicts of interests.

"Our role is to find out exactly what the circumstances are regarding an allegation," Ms Doyle said.

"Only after all the available evidence is gathered will any conclusions be made. 


"Our investigations often identify that no misconduct has occurred,

... and in this way our processes should also be seen as a safety net for those who have done nothing wrong."


In 2002 Andre Legosz and Andrew Ede wrote a CMC Research and Issues paper on monitoring the ethical climate of organisations.

Their surveys indicated a measurable increase in awareness of ethical issues in the Queensland Police Service and a willingness to report misconduct :


But the website editor says :

I feel that this article is seriously misleading.

I was abused in a Queensland school in November 2000.

In December 2000 I asked for the abuse to be investigated.

I have since discovered under Freedom Of Information that a mass of falsified 'records' of real and imaginary conversations concerning me were then secretly placed on my official files.

I have asked for this situation - the workplace abuse and the falsification of my records to conceal the abuse - to be investigated many, many times over the years :


The people named in the article above may know nothing about my letters.

My letters have probably been 'lost'.

That seems to be the usual 'investigative process'.


and -

So many of these Queensland government public servants are on short-term contracts.

They are continually moving from department to department.

Promoting each other.

There is no collective memory.

Nothing changes.

And so the abuse continues.



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