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Teachers who try to discuss professional concerns may be 'paid back'.

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 4:05 AM

When a teacher notices something inappropriate 'going on' at school, they might think that it is their professional responsibility to speak up about the situation.

Big mistake.

Teachers who 'blow the whistle' on incompetence, misconduct or corruption can find themselves being 'paid back' for their efforts.

"Gaslighting" is the term Kathy Ahern uses to describe what is done to these teachers.

Bogus complaints can be 'made' against these teachers - and then repeated over and over again.

A wedge can be carefully driven between the whistleblower teacher and thier friends and colleagues.

Multiple minor aggressions can be executed - and then easily explained away.

So when the whistleblower teacher finally reacts to this payback, they can be labelled 'mentally disturbed'.

Kathy Ahern's work is very important to teachers.

Kathy raises many issues that will help teachers understand their real working conditions - and the risks they take if they try to discuss professional concerns. 

Retraction Watch has published an interview with Kathy in which her findings are discussed in greater detail.

I urge teachers to read this article before raising any professional concerns-

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