Bad Apple Bullies

Bad Apple school principals and departmental officers bully classroom teachers into ill health and out of work.

Sometimes the parent's behaviour is worse than their child's.

I wondered about the primal indignation hovering over the parent who harassed me in the school car park at 5.50pm one Friday at the end of a long term.

This man proceeded to viciously berate and threaten me - all because his son did poorly in a test.

As teachers, we work with students to help them behave in a proper manner : guiding them as they err, supporting them to move forward.

This seems pointless sometimes as the parents' behaviour is worse than their children's.

There is little respect and courtesy shown to teachers.

No wonder it is hard to keep people in the profession.


Lucy Atkinson, Red Hill, ACT, Letter to the Editor, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 5 May 2012.